Seven reasons to work at Societe Generale

Discover the opportunities, rewards and diversity that make Societe Generale a great place to develop your career.

At Societe Generale, our goal is to become the relationship bank of reference. Relationship banking is only possible with the right people – the right team – working together, sharing a common team spirit.

Team spirit, our first value, goes beyond how we work together. It’s about forming durable relationships, based on respect and trust. Building team spirit together is about the excitement and satisfaction that come from learning from and supporting one another. Because the most important relationship is the one we build with our employees.

Professionalism and Innovation complete Team spirit as the set of Group core values

As well as team spirit, we look for innovation, responsibility and commitment. In all of our businesses, these values, shared by all colleagues, foster an environment which combines in-depth expertise and the constant desire to anticipate our customers' needs and changes to the market.

1. Join a talented team

When you join Societe Generale, you are joining a team of very diverse people who are driven by excellence and whose widely recognised expertise is dedicated to always better serve our clients. We work hard to attract and retain a diverse mix of talented people from a wide range of backgrounds. Then we help them integrate smoothly and successful into the company. 

  • Thanks to our Junior Programme and partnerships with higher education institutions around the world, we provide a wide range of job opportunities from internships and apprenticeships to full-time employment.

  • To help new employees get up to speed quickly, they receive support through the Starting induction programme and website during their first few months on the job.


2. Expand your employability

We want our employees to be at the forefront of the best practices in the banking industry. This is why we offer you opportunities to advance in your career, maintain your employability and develop new skills. 

  • For the fourth consecutive year, Societe Generale received the "Top Employer France 2017" label for its Human Resources policy, which allows its employees to develop both professionally and personally. Each year, the company invests significantly in training to enable its employees to develop their skills (business, technical, personal or managerial development) and their employability, taking into account the reality of the company and its future developments: training paths adapted to each type of position and level of experience, innovative teaching tools (MOOC, micro-learning, online classes, etc.), professional career path, etc. This perpetual desire to adapt training to not just the needs of employees but of the company as well, while innovating, is a key rule of the Group's policy.

  • The Group's training services (corporate or professional) seek above all to support the development of employees, following the guidelines of the HR policy and the strategy for the development of the bank's business. To this end, they offer training courses aimed at developing cross-disciplinary and business skills for all employees.

  • The evolution of learning methods naturally leads the Group's training offer to include more online courses. This major development axis is based on new, innovative and efficient training methods adapted to our business lines: MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses), web conferences, social learning, online classes (Webex) rapid-learning and e-learning... The digitization of training is widely deployed across the Group.


3. Evolve in an international workplace

Societe Generale is a truly global company, employing people of 122 nationalities in 76 countries. As a result we develop your ability to work in a multicultural environment and to adapt to a wide set of situations

  • The diversity of our workforce creates enriching interactions, often giving you the possibility to collaborate with colleagues from all over the world and work on projects across geographies.

  • If your career ambition includes working overseas, then Societe Generale may be the employer you’ve been looking for, as we provide several paths for international mobility.



4. Earn the rewards

As a member of the Societe Generale team, you are rewarded for performance and commitment, both individually and as part of the team.

  • Remuneration includes a fixed salary, a variable performance-related component, and other forms of benefits.

  • In addition, our colleagues are rewarded when the business performs well through profit-sharing and incentive plans. They have the opportunity to invest in the employee-shareholder fund, building up wealth in privileged financial and tax conditions. Currently, over 95,000 employees and former employees hold 7.42% of the company's shares*.

  • *31/12/2014


5. Be treated with respect and fairness

Talent comes in many forms. That is why at Societe Generale we work to promote equality and diversity at every level of our workforce.

  • Currently, women make up 60% of our staff worldwide and 42.8% of the Board of Directors*. In 2014, 44% of Group managers were women.

  • Since 2007, our Mission Handicap has been working to recruit and integrate people with disabilities.

  • Throughout the world, we have taken initiatives to promote professional integration of young people and people without degrees. For example, in France, we have run a programme since 2007 to support young people without degrees or from poor neighbourhoods

* 6 female directors, including 2 elected by employees.


6. Work in a caring environment

Because relationships are at the heart of how we operate, Société Générale is committed to strengthening bonds with colleagues, communities and the world in which we live.

  • Colleagues: through a variety of programmes in several countries, we promote a good work-life balance, we support health and safety initiatives, and we develop favourable maternity packages. In 2014, our Executive Committee signed a charter of 15 commitments for good work-life balance, launched by French public authorities.
    Many of these commitments are mirrored outside of France.
    In addition, telecommuting, which the Group is gradually implementing using methods suited to the local context, meets the need to innovate in how we operate, while giving colleagues a better work-life balance.

  • Communities: we sponsor a number of social (the fight against illiteracy, professional integration), cultural (classical music and contemporary art) and sports-related (rugby, golf and disabled sports) activities and commitments.

  • The environment: in 2008, we adopted a strict policy to protect the environment, implementing processes to become carbon-neutral. We are working as hard on energy efficiency as we are on recycling, waste management, and travel management.


7. Contribute to build a better bank

Engagement of our people is crucial to better satisfy our clients and shape the future of the bank.

That’s why we created the Employee Barometer. Conducted by an independent research organisation, this biennial survey gives everyone at Societe Generale a chance to play a speak their mind.

More than just a poll, the Barometer is a real opportunity for managers to be closer to their teams and share information, not only the feedback on the results of the survey but also about the actions to be implemented to continually improve Societe Generale, to make it a better place to work.






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