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1. Contribute To The Development of Mark Asia Businesses

[Clients focus] Sponsor or lead key MARK projects having strong impacts on clients. For example:

  • Sponsor business development projects either directly or as a support to BL/Country Head.
  • Lead Front Office initiatives to be presented to NPC (New Product Committee)
  • Participate to sales and marketing strategy, by supporting BL/Country Head in their requirements and through the animation of sales EXCO

[Team spirit value] Develop synergies between FO teams or cooperate with support to develop our activities and services. For example:

  • Act as a chief of staff to help FO management drive the different sub-activities.
  • Contribute to the definition of business and operating model strategies
  • Participate to the success of transversal projects while representing FO
[Innovation value] Deliver new technologies which will contribute to grow MARK businesses. For example:
  • Include technological change into the projects or services being developed
  • Provide out of the box ideas coming from competition or other industries
[Responsibility value] Accompany regulatory changes impacting our businesses. For example:
  • Liaise with Compliance and Legal and make sure the activity is developed while complying with Regulatory rules and protecting SG reputation.
  • Represent MARK on regulatory transformation programs
[Commitment value] Align MARK objectives with those of support and control functions. For example:
  • Participate to the business planning and budgeting processes
  • Represent the BL/Country in front of support and control functions
  • Follow-up regularly with business partners so that desk requests are addressed in a timely manner
  • Prioritize projects, catalogs or other support scarce resources
  • Participate to management committees or EXCO and relay support function messages
  • Perform ad-hoc studies on behalf of management
  • Animate conurbation meetings with support and control functions and relay MARK messages
2. Continuously Improve the Efficiency Of MARK Asia Setup

[Clients focus] Optimize our client base and the services provided to them. For example:

  • Optimize On-Boarding and off-boarding processes in liaison with Client support teams
  • Analyze client’s hit ratio and profitability and ensures proper usage of CRM tools by sales teams
  • Align our SG infrastructure with Client requirements, while keeping costs under control
[Team spirit value] Identify and deliver simplification initiatives in collaboration with our partners. For example:
  • Implement ad hoc actions within the front office to ease operational burden (helping solve Support Functions issues)
  • Promote simplification of processes along the value chain
  • Trouble-shoot and act to ease the business development
[Innovation value] Streamline and automate our processes through the development of new tools. For example:
  • Promote simplification of processes along the value chain
  • Trouble-shoot and act to ease the business development
[Responsibility value] Deliver cost reduction initiatives even if unpopular. For example:
  • Ensure proper allocation of scarce resources within the BL
  • Follow key financial indicators and prepare regular activity reports for management
  • Challenge Projects’ pricing and enforce respect of direct cost budgets
  • Understand, explain and optimize cost items under FO control (Direct costs and Negative NBI)
[Commitment value] optimize existing resources within MARK or in collaboration with GBS. For example:
  • Compensate momentarily some weaknesses in the organization (in Front Office but also in Support and Controls functions) and works with Support Function or Front Office to solve them in the long run within production teams.
3. Ensures MARK ASIA Businesses are properly controled and protected
[Clients focus] Secure the framework of our commercial franchise. For example:

  • Ensure adequacy of direct support resources (Commandos, product control, trader and sales assistants, middle office, etc.) For trading and sales team so that client needs are properly served.
  • Answer to specific trade-related question regarding rules to be applied or client suitability
  • Provide clear guidance to FO teams regarding procedures to respect including, but not limited to cross border issues
  • Interact with control functions on new policies, sensitive transactions, etc.
[Team spirit value] cooperate within the Business Manager team and with LOD1 to improve MARK operating framework. For example:
  • Entry point for all operational risk issues and pilot operational risk indicators
  • Collect and report operational risk events as defined in the latest procedures
  • Be the contact point for information security topics (system access, shared drives, investigation on alerts, etc)
  • In collaboration with the Business Continuity Plan team, defines and keeps up-to-date the Business Continuity Plan
[Innovation value] Provide new control framework on areas not covered so far.

[Responsibility value] Identify zones of operational risks and take corrective actions to remediate them. For example:
  • Ensure proper booking of Sales credit and MARK profit sharing rules (with MO support)
  • Follow-up and clean potential OTC/listed confirmation backlog (with BO support)
  • Offer a main contact point with internal or external auditors (and by extension regulators)
  • Supervise the implementation of any corrective actions identified by SGCIB Internal Audit, SG Inspection, Compliance Dept, LOD2 teams, or local regulators, or identified in the course of internal controls or Permanent Supervision
  • Maintain proper analytical structure for the desk and control its usage per traders
  • Implement, maintain, perform (when relevant) Permanent Supervision and control its execution by FO staff
  • Follow the financial indicators of the business: “Passerelles”, Reserve Policies, pnl adjustments
[Commitment value] Maintain an impeccable conduct for ourselves and the teams we cover
  • Receive a copy of alerts at all levels (operational, risk, behavioral…), help management monitor and solve them
  • Make sure sales act in a well defined and secure environment (follow-up of mandates processes, etc)
  • Polices Front Office staff (compliance with policies, …), and provides guidance when necessary
  • Ensure implementation of all guidelines handbooks and procedures issued by WW MARK transversal teams
5. Compliance with the code of conduct: as BMOS we need to comply personally with sg code of conduct but also act as role models and help management enforce the right behavior within staff. in summary (please refer to GBIS full document on intranet) we have to ensure that:
  • our actions respect human and socio-economic rights and respect the environment
  • we always comply with business-related laws, regulation and standards
  • we offer appropriate and suitable products to our clients
  • we remain vigilant on KYC processes to prevent money laundering and financial crimes in general
  • conflict of interests are being prevented by means of separate structures and thorough procedures
  • diversity is encouraged within our teams and that individual privacy is respected
  • our employees are recruited based on clear requirements and their own qualities, are provided with good working conditions, get regular training and are exposed to increased responsibilities with no discrimination of any kind
  • we trade fairly with our suppliers and that our choices are made based on objective criteria
  • in the countries we operate cultures and environment are respected, rules regarding transparency and accuracy of information are complied with and local public & professional supervisory bodies are granted full cooperation
  • confidentiality of information is being guaranteed unless required by law or regulators
  • we act in strict compliance with the standards and principles that govern transactions on financial markets,
  • SG’s assets are protected and that equipment is used reasonably, especially if for personal purpose

Profile Required

Profile required:

Education: Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree

Experience: 4- 8 years

Business Insight

Societe Generale is one of the leading financial services groups in Europe. Based on a diversified and integrated banking model, the Group combines financial solidity and a strategy of sustainable growth.

We are an equal opportunities employer and we are proud to make diversity a strength for our company. Societe Generale is committed to recognizing and promoting all talents, regardless of their beliefs, age, disability, parental status, ethnic origin, nationality, sexual or gender identity, sexual orientation, membership of a political, religious, trade union or minority organisation, or any other characteristic that could be subject to discrimination.

Job code: 2000092V
Business unit: Societe Generale Hong Kong Branch
Starting date: 01/06/2020
Date of publication: 21/04/2020
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Business Manager- Global Markets

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