Asset Liability Junior Specialist

Job code: 1900003C
Date of publication: 2019-01-02 18:21:53.0
Starting date
2019-03-01 00:00:00.0
Job function
Corporate and Investment Banking
Business unit
SG Americas Securities
New York - United States
Job type
Permanent contract


The Global Finance Division (GLFI) at SGCIB is responsible for providing our issuer clients (corporates, financial institutions, public sector) with capital raising solutions, along with structured financing and commodities, forex and interest rate hedging. Developing tailor-made products and providing strategic advice (capital structure advisory, financing schemes, and capital markets) based on our worldwide expertise and in-depth sectorial knowledge, we aim to meet our clients’ financing needs. We are a top player across euro debt capital markets and have won many international accolades over the years as a worldwide leader in export, project, natural resources, and energy finance.

Within the Scarce Resources Group (GLFI/SCR), the Asset Liability Junior Specialist will be responsible for managing the liquidity and structural risks of our financing activities in the Americas region.

Besides managing the pricing and monitoring operations booked in SG’s Americas region, this individual will be collaborating closely with his/her counterparts on the GLFI/SCR/ALM team in Paris, as the ALM model risk is managed globally. 


Pricing of Internal Liquidity Cost Pre-Closing and Micro-Hedging at Closing: 
  • Based on deal information prior to closing, determine the expected commitment profile (i.e., drawing and repayment profile) and its associated internal liquidity cost using GLFI/SCR-developed models (liquidity and interest rate flow)
  • Work with originators to identify all inherent deal uncertainties related to the transaction (e.g., closing delay, drawing options) to best define the liquidity/interest rate micro-hedging strategy that respects the deal’s uncertainty sensitivity
  • Micro-hedge the deal at closing to eliminate liquidity/interest rate gaps and guarantee the deal’s net margin for the business line
Ongoing Asset and Liability Management: 
  • Macro-hedge the GLFI/SCR/ALM global portfolio’s cash position in all available currencies
  • Monitor the GLFI/SCR/ALM portfolio’s long-term gaps and market risk limits. If required, hedge any market risk limit breach
  • Report the GLFI/SCR/ALM portfolio metrics with multiple analytical and reporting views including accrual, shadow Mark-to-Market (MtM), and income contribution split between market and model risk factors
Ongoing Monitoring and Reporting:
  • Monitor all local funding ratios (e.g., LCR, NSFR, internal stress testing) based on assets booked in the Americas region
  • Follow-up on required accounting and regulatory reporting
Internal Client Management:
  • GLFI and CORI (Coverage & Investment Banking Division) originators
  • Treasury departments within Finance Department (DFIN)
  • GLFI and CORI Asset and Liability Committee (ALCO)
  • Internal refinancing operations team
Internal Team Collaboration:
  • GLFI/SCR/ALM team in Paris
  • GLFI/SCR Quantitative team in Paris


  • Minimum B.A. in a relevant area (e.g., quantitative finance, mathematics, economics, engineering) is required
  • An advanced degree and/or CFA designation is a plus
  • Minimum of three years of financing activity and/or Asset and Liability management experience is preferred
  • Ability to collaborate with local internal Business Line partners and ALM team in Paris, and be proactive to solve issues when needed
  • Strong communication skills are required
  • Attention to detail is required
Technical Skills & Knowledge:
  • Familiarity with interest rate products and MtM concept/calculation is required
  • Strong knowledge of/ability to communicate ALM principles are required
  • Strong analytical skills as well as Excel skills are required
  • Strong operational skills and willingness to work with across multiple systems are required
  • Database, mathematical, and/or statistical programming skills are a plus
  • Fluent in English, French is a plus
  • Able to successfully negotiate possible commercial disputes
Risk Management

Employees should understand the institution’s approach to risk management and their respective roles in supporting a strong risk culture, as outlined in the SGUS Operations Enterprise Risk Management Framework.

Our Culture

At Société Générale, we live by our four core values of commitment, responsibility, team spirit and innovation. We are engaged and demonstrate consideration for others. We act ethically and with courage. We focus our talent and energy on collective success. We experiment and propose new ideas. This way, we maximize our ability to serve client needs and anticipate market changes. Société Générale is committed to strengthening bonds with colleagues, communities, and the world in which we live, because relationships are at the heart of how we operate.
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