Commodity Sales Director - Agricultural Focus (Grains, Meats, Oilseeds)

Job code: 180011FP
Date of publication: 2018-12-07 00:16:26.0
Starting date
Job function
Business unit
SG Americas Securities
New York - United States
Job type
Permanent contract


Mark is the global division in charge of all market activities for Societe Generale and aims at providing comprehensive cross-asset coverage to Societe Generale clients

Role Description:

  • Production-based and focuses on implementation of the strategic vision and business mandate of the Agricultural Commodities Business Line by:
  • Developing SGAS’S market penetration,
  • Increasing client profitability through external sales (clients -  new and existing) and internal cross-selling (cross-selling clients across other business lines)
  • working in partnership with SGAS, your peers, supervisor(s) and Business Line Management, and support departments to be best-in-class
  • Part of a team and business line in which Account Executives are expected to growing revenues through direct and indirect sales efforts, to collaborate and work together, and maintain constant focus on client needs
  • Ability to work with the SG Bankers with the goal of broadening the product offerings to the entire client base


Main Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Develop new client business by actively marketing SGAS products
  • Assist customers in the formulation and implementation of hedging and trading strategies
  • Take orders from customers
  • Provide best execution
  • Advise customers of market information, new products, and SGAS research
  • Maintain and develop relationships with clients
  • Manage all credit, risk, and operational aspects of a client-driven brokerage operation and act as principal liaison with your desk head and senior management on all aforementioned issues
  • Focus on profitability for each client and growing our market penetration with traditional and non-traditional clients
  • Improve levels of business passing through desk
  • Support the desk in staffing decisions, training, recruiting, marketing, and e-business development
  • Have a solid understanding and working knowledge of exchange hours, procedures, and products
  • Use SGAS databases and business applications
Products Traded:
  • Grains
  • Oilseeds and oilseed products
  • Meats


  • Undergraduate degree required, preferably in finance or economics.
  • 5 to 10 years direct market experience
  • Good communication skills
Market Skills:
  • Must have market knowledge and experience in the industry
  • Ability to make use of the above knowledge and act responsibly using sound decision-making skills
  • The role requires sound numerical ability and literacy skills
  • A full understanding of options pricing and a practical knowledge of their use by the client base
  • Technical skills are required to understand and use trading systems or communication tools, such as electronic trading platforms, instant messaging systems, or e-mail
  • Excellent communication, marketing, and sales skills
  • Knowledge of SGAS policies, procedures, and guidelines

Regulatory Skills:

  • Needs to have a good understanding of the regulatory framework and rules of market exchanges and policies of SGAS
  • Needs to understand the regulations applicable to the performance of the role
  • Needs to build a good working relationship with Compliance and other control functions
Must have unquestioned integrity, propriety, and accountability

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