Internal Auditor

Job code: 19000AWZ
Date of publication: 05-04-2019
Starting date
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Societe Generale Securities Japan Limited
Tokyo - Japan
Job type
Permanent contract


Societe Generale is one of the leading financial services groups in Europe. Based on a diversified and integrated banking model, the Group combines financial solidity and a strategy of sustainable growth. 

Today, Societe Generale in Japan consists of three core businesses: Societe Generale, Tokyo Branch; Societe Generale Securities Japan Limited; and Lyxor Asset Management Japan. These three entities are in line with our worldwide focus on Investment Banking, Global Finance and Global Markets, and Asset Management

General Inspection and Internal audit teams are part of the Inspection and Audit division (IGAD) of SG Group. 

Audit main task is to assess the compliance of transactions, actual risk exposure, respect of procedures as well as the relevancy and efficiency of permanent control.
This is managed thanks to an objective, rigorous and unbiased risk-based approach.

Auditors participate or lead audit assignments covering risks areas as per the multi-year audit plan.
They apply IGAD processes and methodologies, and use the tools supporting the audit cycle (Risk Assessment, Time tracking, Work Papers, Recommendation follow-up).

Team size : 3 senior auditors (incl. this position), 1 junior auditor, 1 trainee, 1 manager
Coverage : 4 legal entities in Japan (Securities, Branch, Asset Management, Aircraft Leasing)
Senior auditors lead complete audit missions (scoping, diagnostic, testing, report writing, conclusions) from the Japan audit plan, with the possible assistance of other local auditors based on their skills and availability; as well as specialized auditors from the region or head-office.
Senior auditors can be engaged during regulators inspections to interface with inspectors, and support the local head.
Audit processes, tools, methodologies are mainly global.

Overall, a great opportunity to leverage on own skills, and develop knowledge/experience in other business areas through the cooperation and support of other auditors.


Main Responsibilities:
  •  Execute all audits in accordance with professional standards. 
  • Assist audit management in preparation & execution of the audit plan
  • Prepare audit work program and understands the specific risks to be evaluated
  • Acquire knowledge on activities and risks during assignments and via trainings
  • Perform evaluation of internal controls, testing of processes
  • Perform reviews of major financial and operational processes 
  • Perform testing for information system integrity and transaction accuracy
  • Perform testing on the effectiveness of the internal control environment within SG.
  • Maintain clear work papers and audit trail of the work done in the appropriate tool
  • Write formal & clear reports to communicate audit results to management 
  • Make appropriate recommendations to improve SG processes
  • Ensure timely issuance of the audit reports
  • Follow-up recommendations, evaluate deliverables, and escalate when needed


Skills Required:

Core requirements :
  • Internal Auditor experience : from 7~10 years (or equivalent seniors who have accumulated important business experience, and are motivated to make a shift in their career towards risks and controls functions which can be evidenced by CIA study,...)
  • JSDA sales representative level 1/JSDA internal control manager (or equivalent level of knowledge in financial products used in corporate & investment banking, and Japan financial regulations)
  • Japanese language strong proficiency (reading, writing, speaking)

Other expected skills/experience :
  • Technology driven
  • Forward-looking
  • Trusted advisor
  • Openness, appetite for teamwork
  • Ability to interact with a wide range of staff (all staff levels & Management)
  • Analytical skills, with strong capacity to prioritize key areas of added-value
  • Curiosity, rigor and transparency
  • Appetite for developing new skills
  • Ability to commit and deliver in quality to deadlines
  • Autonomy to conduct audit duties
  • Concise and clear documentation skills

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