Counterparty Credit Risk-(H/F)

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Counterparty Credit Risk-(H/F)

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Vos missions au quotidien

I.    Dealflow Management: 
The team handles the adhoc increase and one-off limit requests from MARK sales and traders:
-    Single entry point for sales and traders for credit limits on Banks, Insurances, Funds and Brokers,
-    Analysis of the request: product, rationale, metrics impacted, tenor, counterparty, overshoots, size of the line compared of the size of the counterparty, legal documentation in place,
-    Assist sales and traders to request credit limit increases / provide information needed for GLBA and RISQ to assess the request,
-    Input the limit request in DBE for validation by GLBA/CRE and RISQ/CIB (and in IPilotage for funds),
-    Ensure that the final validation is cascaded in due time / is correctly reflected in SG’s systems 
-    Ensure monitoring of adhoc notifications, such as the RISQ/CIB notification.
-    Ensure a permanent availability of service from 8:30am to 6:30pm Paris time and liaise with NY and HK GLBA/FIG teams to deliver a “follow the sun” availability and Work on Target Days.

The team is the owner for the dealflow process, and to ensure continuous improvements in this process:
-    Reduction of reallocation process,
-    Preemptive actions to reduce needs for limit increase request under time pressure,
-    Optimise limit upload.

II.    Credit Renewal Process
The team works closely with GLBA/CRE, RISQ, Sales and COO to define and implement the limit renewal and its resource requirements on Banks and brokers perimeter for both principal and agency businesses:
-    Define metrics to be reviewed and requested,
-    Present rationale for limit increase requests,
-    Review / enhance the tools used.

III.    Overshoot Management: 
The team is also responsible to review the credit overshoots and to take actions as appropriate (limit increase, risk reduction, activity restrictions) with the double objective of:
-    Identifying the technical issues causing higher than expected limit usage in order to obtain exposure corrections and under this way restoring larger margins for further trades. In this role, the team is communicating on a daily basis all overshoots identified on its perimeter and participates in the improvements of monitoring tools.
-    investigating active overshoots to determine if they were properly justified or not. In this last case, financial sanctions are proposed. These investigations must be achieved within 3 weeks and justified by written elements useable by Lod2.

IV.    Complementary assignments: 
-    The team is owner of the metrics for MARK (Business Extensions, weekly meetings on CVaR production, etc. and product owner of MAT.
-    Its members produce and distribute daily adhoc reportings : Daily Exception CVaR, FOP, H2O,…
-    It is also in charge of the maintenance of credit procedures (sales handbook, penalty procedures, etc.).

Et si c’était vous ?

The following attributes are required for the successful completion of the tasks described above:

-    3 to 7 years of experience required
-    Strong analytics skills: counterparty financials analysis includes banks, brokers, insurances and funds,
-    Strong knowledge of financial markets mechanisms and products,
-    Solid knowledge of compliance rules,
-    Strong knowledge of SG risk metrics and processes,
-    Knowledge of legal contracts: ISDA, GMRA, GMSLA,
-    Capacity to work in a stressful environment / Flexibility / ability to work on various topics at short notice,
-    Attention to details,
-    Client / service oriented, to provide the best customer services to internal and external clients,
-    Proactivity / curiosity / willingness and ability to learn quickly: solution oriented, take initiative to solve or escalate any issue if necessary,
-    Ability to perform continuous improvements,
-    Communication skills / ability to interact with a wide range of departments (sales, RISQ, GBSU, GLBA, etc.),
-    As part of these processes, the counterparty risk team has expertise in the use of the following tools:  DBE / CWF / IPilotage and related/ MAT / Control Tower.

The position is based in Morocco, Casablanca.

Pourquoi nous choisir ?

Société Générale Africa Technologies and Services (SG ATS) is a subsidiary of Société Générale Group that was created in 2014 with a purpose of providing flexible and efficient solutions to the bank's trading rooms in Europe (mainly in Paris and London). The overarching aim is to help them grow and meet the increasingly stringent requirements imposed by the various international banking legislations.

Building on its success thus far, SG ATS aims to become a multi-service center that provides high value-added services to the Group's different business lines (mainly in Europe, but also in the United States and Asia). These concern Markets activities, but also Risk, Finance, and Compliance among other central functions.

Awarded "Best Place to Work in Morocco - 2019/2021", SG ATS is a young dynamic structure that places human capital at the center of its development and surrounds itself with talented people who actively participate in the success of the company while evolving in an international environment that favors the development of distinctive skills.

Within MARK, MARK/BTO/CCR is responsible for the management of Risks and Scarce Resources, by assisting MARK, EQD, FIC and SLS management to monitor and manage scarce resources, market and counterparty risk related to the department’s activities.
The overall objective of MARK/BTO/CCR is to support the development of MARK while ensuring that the risks and scarce resources pertaining to the activity are visible and clearly understood.
The department analyses credit risks and proposes limits, but also monitors the limit usage and the overshoots, propose remediation and bears responsibility for warning of potential limit breaches.

Within the CCR counterparty risk team, you will be responsible for the counterparty risk metrics applicable to the MARK activities.
The team is organised by client type (corporate, banks, brokers, CCP, etc.) for the operational missions described below. In addition, transversal missions / expertise (across all client type) are also handled by the team.
Most tasks are mutualized in order to offer the best possible reactivity to the Sales and traders, but    each member of the team is referent on a particular counterparty type.

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Date de début: 04/04/2022
Date de publication: 10/01/2022