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Strengthen your career path with wonderful experiences

Many internship opportunities are available at Societe Generale group and its subsidiaries all over the world in places such as France, Germany, the United States, Hong Kong, Great Britain and more.

As an intern, you'll gain solid professional experience by working with experts on a daily basis who help you carry out your missions.

This experience could lead to a permanent contract at Societe Generale group. In fact, our former VIEs (Volunteers for International Experience), interns and work-study participants are the main source of candidates for young graduate permanent contracts.

Types of internships

  • Short internship (1-3 months), ie, summer and winter internships in Asia-Pacific and the United States and year-round in France.
  • Long internship (six months or more) and trainee programmes, ie, in Asia-Pacific, Europe and the United States.
  • In France: internship in a bank branch (you must submit your application directly to the branch: find a branch)
  • 10th grade Internship (14/15 years old) : in France, a program was created to welcome 14/15 years old students for their 10th grade one week internship in partnership with MyFuture ( The internship description are available on If you have any questions regarding 10th grade internship, please contact

Recruiting Departments

  • Global Markets
  • Global Finance
  • IT & Digital
  • Compliance
  • Financial Department
  • Communication & Marketing
  • Risks
  • Human Resources
  • Retail banking


Gain professional experience while putting your knowledge into practice

Receive fixed remuneration and possible bonus at the end of the internship

Build a stronger CV

Have a designated internship mentor


interns every year



85 %

recommend Societe Generale*
* Happy Trainee Survey of 1120 Interns, Work-Study Participants and VIEs

Stories from our Interns

I feel very useful because the managers need us to find work-study participants who best meet their expectations. We are truly the middleman between the work-study participant and the manager. You have to know how to work in teams, come up with new ideas and listen to others. I’m lucky to have a manager who listens to the team and in addition, since I work with other interns and work-study participants, we can spend time together, such as having lunch or going out after work.
Alice, 22 years old

Recruitment Advisor

What motivates me the most about my internship are the numerous and varied missions: each one is an opportunity to discover a new department and approach specific problems and challenges that are as strategic and human as they are financial. I’m fortunate to work in a stimulating and challenging environment and evolve in a team where team spirit isn't a value just on paper - we are advised and supported every day!
Michael, 25 years old

Mergers & Acquisitions

Thanks to my internship, I did both Projects and Operations (maintenance and availability management, life cycles, etc). What is rewarding is that whatever the internship mission, you never work alone. Interns are in constant contact with different departments and, above all, work in teams. And because of this, we can provide a service to SG Cloud portal users that meets their needs!
Codjo, 32 years old

Cloud Automation Assistance

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process may vary depending on the recruiting entity, the internship duration or the mission type.



After your online application is submitted, it will be shortlisted by the recruitment teams if it fits the initial requirements.



You will have an interview with one or several managers who are in charge of the mission.



Your interview was convincing, and you receive an offer.



If you accept the offer, you will join the team!

The GeneratioNext programme

By becoming an intern at Global Banking and Investor Solutions, you are joining an international community of 2,000 interns, work-study participants and VIEs.
Depends on the location you work in, you will also receive special support: integration into the teams, networking, career counselling and exploration.

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