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Here, we think your fulfillment brings that of others

“The future is you.” A simple tagline, but one that says a lot. And this commitment isn’t solely focused on our clients: it’s also intended for you, our employees – both present or future, and everything you can achieve with us.

“There’s room for all the ideas, for testing them, developing them, and most importantly, making them a reality.”

Clémence, HR Director

126,000 employees and just as many ways of working

They’re Morgan, Clémence, Flora… and they’ve worked with us for years now. They’ve watched us grow, and we’ve watched them grow. They’ve transformed our way of seeing things – and the reverse is true, too. Now, they’re lending us their words to show you our day-to-day, and you’ll find their testimonies in the following pages.

Because in our group, each employee has their story, their desires, their ideas, their strengths, and their weaknesses. And it’s all these individualities that, when put together, make us unique.

With us, there are enough fields of expertise, challenges to meet, and technologies to master for each person to find their place. Where will yours be? That’s for you to decide.

Whatever impression you had of the Bank, forget it!

Innovative and diverse projects, every day.

Our mission is to spend every day reinventing the banking relationship and anticipating what our societies will look like in the future. It’s an ambitious challenge that makes for a highly diverse work environment that flirts constantly with innovation and new ideas.

We are genuinely committed to the innovation of tomorrow, as proven by our recent acquisition of the start-ups Shine and Global Market Innovators. Both have an approach and technologies that are in line with our challenges as well as our vision.


Reinventing yourself to stay relevant also involves the way in which you perceive the job! We share a culture of experimentation with our employees: you know better than anyone else how to improve your work, and we know how to listen to you.

By giving you the space you need to express yourself and to experiment, we’re taking yet another step towards what our company will look like in the future.

Your work has value – and values

You’re more likely to invest yourself in a job that echoes your values and convictions, and we know it. The Société Générale Group is keenly aware of its responsibility and is actively committed to numerous projects and skills sponsorship initiatives focused on societal, environmental, and ethical issues.

That’s why we endeavor to further your professional and personal accomplishment, with respect and trust, in the effort to make every job a vocation.

Within the Group, you’ll merge your career aspirations with your personal commitments through the values that bring us together:

Innovation, Responsibility, Commitment, Team Spirit.

“What stands out for me from my experience at Société Générale is the collaboration and team spirit.”

Mégane, Client Advisor

Following an internal survey, we’ve noted that collaboration is the value most widely-felt by our employees, and that doesn’t come out of nowhere.

Pushing past boundaries is always a group effort.

You need a caring environment, advice, support, and sometimes even constructive comments to better progress. And conversely, you sometimes just need to work alone, independently, without being disturbed. We respect these needs along with everyone’s personal space.

It’s important to say things to one another. You have the right to express your opinions, and it’s our duty to provide you with the best conditions in which to do so.

126,000 employees working with us every day
35% of our employees come from countries outside of France
Société Générale employs in more than 60 countries around the world
Our bank brings 152 nationalities together
In France, employees benefit from 3 days per year to get involved with the Foundation’s partner associations

Office space that favors sharing, collaboration, and personal space.

Who knows what your future holds? You do!

Attractive, scalable remuneration consistent with your skill set.

A high potential for internal evolution to achieve all your goals.

Strong international mobility, and the French company with the highest number of VIE programs!

A permanent training program to accompany evolutions and career changes.

Our recruiting businesses