Committed to working together

“The group is focused on topics that affect us - the new generation.”

Caroline, Business Analyst

More than coexisting, we’re co-building

Diversity is a subject of particular importance to us: with 131,000 employees around the world, that means an equal number of identities to respect within the group. And herein we see our greatest strength: the ability to combine cultures, viewpoints, and personalities to move forward together. So, it’s no surprise to find communities within our group that reflect this diversity of vocations (ex: SGitHub, Women in Finance) and causes (ex: Pride 1 Allies network, BAME, …).

Our strength lies in our differences. That’s why our group is committed to fighting all forms of discrimination and is devoted to the respect, recognition, and promotion of all talents.

Here, your beliefs, age, disability, parenthood, ethnic origins, nationality, sexual or gender identity, sexual orientation, and affiliation to any political, religious, political, union or minority organization will have no negative impact whatsoever on your growth with us.

Their pride is our pride:

  • Women in Finance: supporting the business in establishing a dialogue around gender equality and inclusion in finance.
  • Prides & Allies: working to build a positive work environment for the LBGTQ+ community and helping allies and management to make this environment safe and respectful.


Find out what Florence, a manager with the Finance Division, has to say about her experience and everyday reality.

Putting our employees at the heart of decisions

According to Lucile :

“Companies are rated by external agencies based on environmental, social, and governance criteria. But these arbitrary criteria don’t really reflect the reality – you can have a very good environmental score and still be very harmful to the planet. At SG, we’ve created a tool that allows us to see a company’s real reputation through press articles on the topic of CSR.”

- Lucile, Data Scientist

We’re fighting for the same causes


Under the aegis of the International Labor Organization, Société Générale is a signatory of the Business and Disability Charter concerning the promotion and employment of persons with disabilities.

More than 5,400 jobs have been adapted over the last 13 years.


As a signatory of the 5 U.N. Guiding Principles against the discrimination of LGBTQ+ individuals in the work force (June 26, 2018), the Group has committed to fighting bias and building an inclusive culture in accordance with human rights, namely through the Prides & Allies network.


Listed as the 2nd leading French bank and the 7th leading French company in Equileap’s 2019 gender equality ranking, in 2016, the Group signed the U.N.’s pact concerning women’s empowerment and is implementing female leadership and development programs, mentorships, and support for women’s entrepreneurship and the promotion of diversity.


The Societe Generale Corporate Foundation supports associative projects in the fields of education, professional integration, classical music, so that everyone can find their place and grow personally and professionally. To go further, employees can get involved alongside the Foundation’s NGO partners.

140 projects supported in 2021
and 21,476 employees hired in 2019.

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Shaping your training

Careers move fast here, and we are committed to helping you pursue your desires and ambitions. Take Caroline, for example, who discovered the job of Scrum Master during her VIE in London in 2019. She was able to further explore the subject and master new skills after just a few weeks of training.

Training at the Société Générale Group means:

23,000 internal hires in 2019
An average of 27 training hours per employee each year
Training modules (MOOC, social learning, etc.) available on-demand
Matching tools between your skills and available positions to advance your career more easily 

A workplace where you feel good

Feeling at home – even at the office – is key to having a fulfilling work environment. That’s why we created teleworking and flex-office: you work where you feel best, and we’ll do everything to adapt our work environment to the needs of our employees.


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