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Is your head swimming with 0s and 1s? Do you practice data literacy as a means towards innovation? Societe Generale is on the lookout for talent to strengthen its community of data experts.

At Societe Generale, a large number of use cases involving data have shown strong impact on our business: things like using chatbots, contract analysis tools, fraud forecasting, algorithms to target prospects, etc. We need your help to find new data-driven solutions and build the bank of tomorrow.

Join the Societe Generale team! We’re counting on you to accelerate our digital transformation, including:

  • Improving customer service
  • Developing new services and products
  • Improving risk control
  • Reinforcing operational efficiency

Join the Societe Generale team! We are counting on you to accelerate our digital transformation.


BY JOINING THE DATA BASE CAMP, you benefit from:

A community of data experts eager to participate in events throughout the year.

Volume and a variety of high-quality, important data to work with to create the bank of tomorrow.

Tailored training programmes to manage your career advancement.

A dynamic, stimulating and future-oriented environment and centres of excellence with AI expertise – among the Group’s strategic focuses.

A data community of over 1,000 people

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