Best tips & recommendations for job seekers

Are you a young graduate looking for your first job? Or already experienced and seeking new opportunities?

Whether you’re starting out or already have experience, finding a job can be stressful. The stakes are high and the processes can sometimes seem numerous, time-consuming and complicated.

Don't panic; here are some valuable tips on everything you need to know to get the job of your dreams.

Succeed your job seek

1. Focus on professions

When you were 4 years old, your parents caught you typing on the home computer. Since then, computing fever has never left you (you nerd). Whether you graduated from an IT school or are self-taught, if you’re wondering about the various positions within this industry, you are in the right place

Discover our (wonderfully elaborate) job descriptions: required skills, mains tasks, working conditions, salaries.... We will tell you everything.

2. Apprenticeship and internship case

Nowadays, undergoing an internship or a work-study programme is almost indispensable to validate a course of study, as it demonstrates prior operational experience. However, finding such a position cannot be improvised. Here are a few rules and tips to know:
How to find an internship, how to find a work-study programme by responding to an offer or sending in a spontaneous application, or even how to write a cover letter.

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3. Check your e-reputation

Having a LinkedIn / Instagram / Twitter or Facebook profile... Without realising it, you’re revealing yourself to the world. While LinkedIn is precisely intended for professional use, the others are more often personal. And all of this is part of your e-reputation.

Knowing how to control it is essential to succeed in your job search.

Build up

Among the criteria that will convince you to choose one company over another are the development prospects that will be offered to you once you are hired: international business internships (Volunteer for International Experience), executive programmes, training courses, and even internal mobility. Look further ahead to give yourself every chance of being hired!