How to prepare for a job interview: 14 tips

Why is job interview preparation so important ?

If preparing for a job interview is crucial, it is because your performance in this meeting must be high quality – you cannot rely on improvisation in an interview, you must anticipate, prepare and practice answers to common questions. This way, you will be more relaxed and self-assured, and thus more convincing to your employers.
What’s more, having done research and prepared questions is a clear indicator of interest and enthusiasm. In the eyes of recruiters looking to gage your commitment, preparation is valuable.

So, job seekers, if you’re wondering the best way to prepare for a job interview, we have 14 tips to guarantee your success! Relevant to all types of job interview (face to face, video, telephone), here is our job interview preparation checklist:

Once you’ve found an advertisement that interests you,

1. Analyse the post
  • Let yourself be guided by the job description, as it summarises all the qualifications, skills, training and qualities expected in the role. Underlining and noting down the key words can be useful.
  • By analysing its contents, you will be able to identify which key interview questions you may be asked.
2. Research the company… by visiting its Careers webpage, for example!
  • Answer the following questions: How is the company organised? What is the company culture? It’s recent news, and future plans? This will allow you to understand the role, its purpose, and your responsibilities better.
  • Another top tip is to search on Google news for anything relevant: this will keep you up to date on recent important events affecting the company, if there are any.
  • To help you: discuss with your peers, visit the company website and social media, keep informed of the economic news relevant to the sector.
3. Prepare your introduction speech
The night before the interview, make sure you don’t forget anything. Here is a checklist we’ve made for you :

4. Take all the necessary documents with you: the email indicating all the details of the meeting, the job advertisement, your CV, your internship references and degree certificates, and your job interview preparation notes.

5. Top tip : print off 4 copies of your CV, you could meet multiple people in one day.

6. Don’t forget to take notes!

7. Pre-prepare what you are going to wear. Be discreet and clean: nails, makeup, deodorant – double check everything. In terms of perfume: less is more! (Let that guide your choice!)

8. Get your bearings and estimate the length of time it will take to get there.

On the day itself :

9. Read your CV carefully before the interview and consider preparing reasons your career choices and potential CV gaps... This will save you from being caught off guard and feeling uncomfortable

10. If you’re early, a breathing exercise could do you good!

11. Leave early enough to avoid delays

During the interview,

12. Be mindful of your body language and voice

13. Speak naturally with confidence (while obviously monitoring your formality)

14. Perfect your handshake
... and you will make the best impression!

Now you know how to prepare for a job interview, all that’s left is to wish you good luck!