Build the future along with your career

It’s official - you have arrived. Your first steps in the professional world are crucial, and in this new space to be conquered, you’re eager to learn. It’s up to us to provide the best possible environment for you to express/ tap into your potential and the means to have a positive impact on the future.

“I’m proud that our Group is enabling close to 4,000 young adults to begin their professional lives.”

Nathalie, Director of Learning and & Junior Recruitment

Careers for all ambitions

Opportunity. A word whose promises materialize all too rarely after the inspiring speeches. But at Société Générale Group, a vast range of careers, companies, and countries await you. And there’s no need to look since the proof is already there in the form our 4,000 junior employees spread across 66 countries.

“We don’t necessarily recruit you for a specific position, but instead for what you’re going to become and do. In three years, another profession will potentially open up you.”

- Lucile, Data Scientist

Here, we recruit personalities – people who want to learn and push past boundaries. It isn’t what you’ve done that matters, but rather what you want to become.

This field of possibilities is yours, and its scope will surprise you.

A trip around the world or a career: why choose?

Our international teams are in constant need of support all over the globe. Here, we cultivate a culture of mobility, inviting and encouraging each employee to answer the call of the world. Like Flora, for example, who, after an internship, got the chance to go to Hong Kong for her V.I.E. to pursue her career as a Data Scientist.

“I signed my short-term contract 2 months before my internship ended, and now I’m on a permanent contract. I’m really enjoying Hong Kong.”

- Flora, Communications Manager

41 %

of former interns, work/study and V.I.E candidates are hired permanently


V.I.E hired in 29 countries


work/study positions hired in 2022


of our interns, work/study or V.I.E employees recommend Societe Generale

“I was really surprised to see the extent to which we work with people from all over the world here in the UK.”

Caroline, Project Manager and Business Analyst, London


With us, you’ll play an active role in designing the bank of tomorrow and meeting its challenges – a task as exciting as it is ambitious, during which you’ll have full support. Here, the day-to-day is as dynamic as it is in a start-up, with all the advantages of a major Group.


  • Synergetic and considerate work environment
  • In touch with international and multidisciplinary teams
  • Managerial mentoring and follow-up
  • Responsibilities adapted to your experience
  • Support from expert communities and exchange forums

Having a voice

“Over time, our managers almost become our big brothers or sisters.”
Caroline, Project Manager and Business Analyst

Today, The Way is one of the Group’s most active junior communities. Caroline built this junior network in England.

Joining our ranks/ team means joining a Group that values and gives a voice to new generations.

“Innovation can come from a young student. His or her ideas count just as much as those of any other employee.”

Lucile, Data Scientist