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«People who, in their specific area of excellence, are able to create, develop, and be at the forefront of new products. »

Thierry, Recruitment Manager

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We don’t know where you’ll be in 5 years, but it’ll most likely be with us.

The Societe Generale Group brings together areas of expertise and sectors of activity that are as diverse as they are exciting, and all spread over 5 continents. It’s enough to offer you more than one opportunity with us. Clémence has seen a fair share of changes in the group first-hand.

“Generally speaking, there’s an employer value proposition that offers opportunities and career paths. In fact, the longevity of certain careers would suggest that the group is keeping its promise on that aspect.” - Clémence, Team Leader, HR Transformation .

After starting at the Paris headquarters in 2015, Flora has since moved to Asia: she is one of the many examples of mobility you can find within the group.

“I didn’t see myself staying in one bank for 5 years – it didn’t interest me – by I very quickly saw all of the opportunities open to me inside the group.” - Flora, Brand & Partnership Manager, Societe Generale – Asia Pacific.

The Societe Generale group is full of opportunities all over the globe. Start as a cybersecurity manager today in Paris and who knows where you’ll be tomorrow? A Scrum Master in New York, a risk management consultant in Bangalore, or a Data Manager in Montreal? One thing is certain: you’ll be in the right place wherever you wanted to go.

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We’re looking for profiles capable of expressing their ideas and, more importantly, turning them into reality. Here, there’s the job description, and then everything you can come up with yourself to make it even richer.

“We always go above and beyond whatever’s already being done on our product. We try to innovate on the product itself, but also on our way of presenting it, and on the environment we’re working in.”

Caroline, Project Manager.