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Reasons to choose us

Our promise: to provide an environment in which you can grow and develop your potential

Meaningful tasks

Support SMEs in their international development, assist families buying their home, be part of the team building a hospital, combat cyber-crime, help develop tomorrow’s mobile savings apps… Your tasks will be diverse but they will have one thing in common: they are useful to the community. Welcome to a world in which each individual can help build a better tomorrow!

Career growth

In an ever-changing environment we need to keep the pace! Existing business areas evolve, new ones appear. We develop the employability of our staff with internal mobility, whether in France or internationally, and through training.

Everyone has the opportunity to work in different business areas and to discover different entities across the Bank. Our staff have access to tools that match their skills or goals with positions open within the Group..

A wide range of training modules including MOOCs, virtual classes, social learning, etc. are all available.

Welcome to our fast-paced world


recruitments in 2018, 74% of them internationally


internal mobility jobs


employees committed in 2019 during the Citizen Commitment time

Stimulating working environments around the world

In France, India, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, New York and London, we have created collaborative environments in which our staff benefit from the latest digital technologies and ideas. Flex office spaces, standing desks, modular meeting rooms, etc. We experiment with alternative working methods based on agile programmes such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Test and Learn, etc.

For instance, most of the Group’s IT teams in France work at The Dunes, a 100% connected and eco-friendly building 15 minutes from Paris, where agile methods and open innovation are actively used.

We encourage cooperation, respect and a positive mindset to ensure the well-being of individuals in their positions and their teams. Workplace well-being is our strongest point most regularly mentioned on our Glassdoor ranking.

« Good & friendly environment to work in »
Former staff member - Project Engineer

Workplace well-being

Quality of life in the workplace, diversity and ensuring talent thrives, both on and off the job, are important to us. Are you a music, rugby or modern art fan? Would you prefer to use your skills to support one of our associations? A wide range of project suggestions are available throughout the year.

Like Adina, clarinetist within Playing for Philharmonie, express and live your passion by our side.

Our strong points are greatly appreciated around the world

Home office

Tired of spending hours on transportation? Reconcile professional and personal life like more than 32,000 employees around the world thanks to the home office.

Maternity Leave

We are thoroughly committed to family-friendly practices. Our staff benefit from an average of 21-weeks of maternity leave (1) and additional schemes can extend the standard period (parental leave, paternity/second parent leave). For example, in Romania, France, the United States, Spain, and Brazil, staff are allowed two or more weeks of paternity/second parent leave. Childcare benefits are also available to our staff.

health or retirement scheme

9 out of 10 members of staff benefit from an additional health or retirement scheme.We are committed to staff protection with regards to health, retirement, disability, incapacity and bereavement.

(1) Data takes into account a variety of funding models for maternity leave in the countries where the Group operates (public and/or company funding, and/or company effort).

Whether you want to join us for just a few months, a few years or for your entire career, being employed at our Group means that you will:

Put your energy and talent to use for the community
Suggest new ideas and contribute to change
Show commitment and consideration towards others
Act ethically and courageously

empowering those who want to move the world forward

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