Be involved in strategic studies and audit assignments on behalf of the Group’s top management

Are you willing to participate to a 4 to 6-months mission in Paris, Ghana, India or the United States? Are you looking to be continuously stimulated and improve on a wide range of professional skills? Within General Inspection, you will take part in strategic analyzes and audits in France and abroad.

Your role will be to assist the Group in the identification, prevention and management of its risks, as well as help the bank’s senior management in its strategic decision making. At the end of each mission, you will present your conclusions, write a report and formulate strategic and operational recommendations to the top management.

Demi groupe inspection générale

Being part of the General Inspection team is a real fast-track within your career: 2 out of the 3 members of the General Management (CEO and Deputy CEOs) started their career within General Inspection, as well as 15% of the bank’s Management Committee. The department is recognized for the excellence of its teams and the importance of its missions.

You will benefit from a complete training program, a broad variety of missions across all the businesses of Societe Generale, in a young and innovative working environment. You will also work closely with a team of data scientists to improve business performances and risk management capabilities.


Diversity of the topics covered
Missions of several months in France and abroad
Responsibilities early on in your career and direct exposure to the senior management
Consulting and strategic audit role on high added value topics
Frequent evolution in the job position and attractive compensation
Constitution of your professional network within the bank
40 recruits per year
19 nationalities


of time spent abroad on average

You should be…

Result-oriented in challenging environments




Applications are open to graduates from Business, Engineering and Political Studies programmes, Post-Graduate University or Advanced Master’s programmes, in France and internationally.

How to join us

To get to know each other and make sure that you will thrive within Societe Generale, please follow the below steps.

Applications open

Applications will be open from 09/01/2023 to 11/30/2023


Online tests

December 2023

Logic and personality tests

Assessment Center

January 2024
In Paris or online

Verbal logic test, case study, written synthesis, HR interview

Oral Presentation

Mid-February to Mid-March 2024
In Paris or online

Presentation to 3 members of the General Management or of the Group Management Committee

Job offer

End of March 2024

Contract signing or employment promise, cocktail reception with the successful candidates and the bank’s senior management


September 2024 or January 2025

Induction process within General Inspection

The adventure has just begun!

Join the General Inspection team at Societe Generale and benefit from a fast-track career path in 3 steps:

  • Junior Inspector: upon joining Inspection and up to 3 years’ experience
    You will contribute to missions (audit work, strategic analyses, statistics, etc.) and share your conclusions in written and oral presentations.
    You may be offered to become a Head of Assignment after your first two years of mission within the department.

  • Senior Inspector: from 3 years’ experience and up to 6 years’ experience
    You will lead high-stake missions and have growing managerial responsibilities.
    You will increasingly be in contact with the Bank’s senior management, presenting your conclusions up to General Management (CEO and Deputy CEO).

  • What next?
    This fast-track career within General Inspection will lead you to jobs with high levels of responsibilities across all of the Group’s businesses, according to your personal preferences.