Ensure the proper running and resilience of IT infrastructure hardware and software

Are your passionate about infrastructure technologies? Are you eager for operational continuity challenges? As an Infrastructure Expert, you will ensure the proper running of IT equipment and core business software.

You will determine and deploy the best infrastructure technologies as preventive measures as well as providing urgent technical assistance to repair, correct or improve any system glitches. You will work with equipment suppliers and software editors and ensure that infrastructure solutions comply with the Group’s security standards, methods and regulations.

Your responsabilities

  • Conducting technical studies and taking part in determining solutions
  • Installing, testing and implementing the production of selected infrastructure technologies
  • Implementing short and mid-term corrective measures
  • Deploying metrology tools (cost, performance), supply measurement indicators, and dashboards for technology monitoring


An opportunity for skill development through the FEA architect academy (Filière Experts & Architectes)
A key position to build the human-centric bank of tomorrow
Specialisation in a specific scope: systems and servers, networks and telecommunications, workstations, database management, etc
Cross-disciplinary and highly practical assignments
Meet Yann, Infrastructure expert

You should be...



Skilled in scheduling, task monitoring and quality control

Knowledgeable in infrastructure integration and operations

Bachelor’s or master’s degree in IT, with preliminary experience in a production, operations or assistance environment

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At Societe Generale, we make sure that you can develop your career based on your ambition and abilities. After a position as an Infrastructure Expert, you will have access to new opportunities such as:

  • IS Project Manager
  • Infrastructure Production Manager
  • IS Auditor
  • Functional Expert
  • IS Infrastructure Service Offer Manager

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