Graduate Program in Hong Kong

During the two-year program, intensive and comprehensive talent management approach will be adopted to develop your skills and professional expertise:

  • Provide you with a unique opportunity to kick off your dream career
  • Build solid foundations for your future growth and development
  • Give you a chance to contribute to the development and success of the bank
12 Locations
1000 Employees




In 3 steps

Strong emphasis is put on the value of direct education, with a structured curriculum throughout the two years designed to continuously develop your technical, inter-personal and presentation skills. This will come in the form of classroom training, in-house sharing sessions and e-learning modules.

This will include coaching, multi-source feedback, Mentor-mentee Scheme, buddy system, opportunities to interact with members of senior management and a range of valuable networking opportunities. You will have regular access to Human Resources Business Partners and business leaders for coaching and advice, while constructive feedback will enable you to measure your performance.

We believe that learning through doing is a vital step to develop your expertise. As such, through our program you will take on functional attachments (rotations) before moving into the long-term job placement that will the best correspond to your competencies and personality..

Program Details

There are two streams under the Graduate Program (Global Markets OR Global Banking and Advisory).

1. Global Markets

You will be part of the Global Markets group which brings together the Equities, Fixed Income & Currencies capabilities with the objective of providing investors with one integrated multi-asset market solutions team.
You will take on three eight-month rotations amongst the following teams.

For your first rotation, you will join one of the following transversal functions:
  • Global Markets Marketing
  • Business Management Office
Depending on your profile, you will follow either a Sales Stream OR a Trading Stream for the second and third rotations.

For the Sales Stream, the second and third rotations will be:
  • As a Sales Assistant, you will service different types of clientele (Hedge Funds, Corporates, China Desk) or asset classes (Fixed Income, Credit, FX, Cash Equity, Equity Derivatives).
For the Trading Stream, the second and third rotations will be:
  • As a Trading Assistant, you will support the desks covering Flow Products, Exotic Products or Prime Brokerage activities within any of the asset classes covered by our Hong Kong teams (Fixed Income, Credit, FX, Listed and OTC Equities).
2. Global Banking and Advisory
Global Banking and Advisory combines a transversal, product-neutral wholesale Coverage team spanning all businesses with capital raising, financing and advisory expertise.

You will take on two twelve-month rotations amongst the following teams:

Either in the five business divisions
  • Investment Banking Division
  • Asset Finance
  • Natural Resources and Infrastructure
  • Asset Backed Products
  • Syndication
Or in the transversal function
  • Coverage of corporates and financial institutions
  • Credit Management Group
Your profile

We are looking for top-notched university graduates with the following attributes and competencies

  • Bachelor’s degree or above from an accredited university with excellent academic results
  • Fresh graduates or candidates with less than one year’s working experience after graduation
  • Passionate for a long-term career development in the banking industry
  • Strong leadership potential and interpersonal skills
  • Good commercial acumen
  • Superior analytical, critical-thinking and communications skills
  • Self-motivated, mature, and possessing a strong drive for excellence
  • Open to different ideas and cultures and enjoy being part of a team
  • Ability to solve problems and propose new ideas
  • Good coding skills (for example VBA and/or Python) is a plus
  • Excellent command of English

You will be part of the Global Market Risk team in Asia which covers Market activities in countries such as Greater China (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan), Singapore, South Korea, Japan, India and Australia. The department defines Risk appetite framework, methodologies for regulatory measures (Counterparty and Market Risks) and validates pricing and liquidity models. The department supervises, as second level of defense, global market activities through certification of market risk metrics and Profit/loss of different business lines in Asia

You will take on three eight-month rotations amongst the following teams:

For your first rotation, you will join a Metrics Monitoring and Certification team:

The team oversees risk metrics indicators production and certification. It monitors the market risk exposures of Global Market activities and provide independent PnL analysis by risk factors/strategy

For the second rotation, you join transversal Cross business team for Metrics Monitoring and Analysis:
The team has a double-objective of taking part of certification on global metrics and supporting directly
the chief risk officers (CROs) across Asia region. The metrics monitoring analyst manages regulatory
metrics computation, indicators consolidation and back-testing.

Depending on your profile, in third rotation you will join one of the following functions:
  • Counterparty and Market Exposure
  • Market and Counterparty Risk Framework
  • Risk Design and Digital Office
Counterparty and Market Exposure has double mission of extracting relevant market information and conduct cross asset risk analysis. The cross-asset analyst contributes to key transversal topics, performs second level analysis through a cross asset control and reports high-level synthetic summaries to risk management direction.

Market and Counterparty Risk Framework analyses the activities and counterparties and design framework of limits/thresholds in accordance with the group risk appetite. It analyzes transactions and provide trades authorization. The team also defines measures to assess both Market and Counterparties risks and contributes to definition of regulatory models and valorization methods.

Risk Design and Digital Office is the digital laboratory of Risk department. The principal mission is to design tools of data analysis, identify market trends, detect metrics anomalies and propose innovative data and analysis tools to Risk analysts combining Technology expertise with Global market and Risk management knowledge

Your profile

We are looking for top-notched university graduates with the following attributes and competencies

  • Good programming skills with modern development languages (Java/C#/Python…) is required
  • Good Knowledge of rational database & No-SQL (Cassandra, Hadoop, Elastic Search) is a plus
  • Experience in maintaining/contributing to open source projects will be appreciated
  • Advanced knowledge in probability and statistics is required
  • Prior experience in data-driven quantitative research will be an advantage
  • Knowledge of research (R, SciKit) and machine learning (Tensor flow) framework is a plus
  • Innovative and passionate about technology
  • Open and inquisitive mind, strong interest in research
  • Strong leadership potential and interpersonal skills
  • Superior analytical and critical-thinking
  • Self-motivated, mature, and possessing a strong drive for excellence
  • Strong team work and communication skills
  • Excellent command of English
Application Deadline: 6th November 2020