Meeting Group business lines’ Big Data needs

Do you have a good grasp of computer languages and are you passionate about Big Data? Does the use of data represent the future for you? Good news: you will really be in your element within the Societe Generale Group as a Data Engineer!
In close collaboration with other IT experts (Data Scientists, Data Quality Managers, Data Designers, Big Data Architects) and all the Group’s business lines, you will work using the Agile method and in peer programming. You will collect, organise and model data; in a word, you will make it accessible. You will also conduct first-rate technology monitoring in order to ensure your data-related knowledge always remains up to date. All this will make you an indispensable expert, whose opinions are taken into account in Group decisions.

Your responsibilities

  • To devise solutions to collect, organise and synthesise large volumes of data
  • To take part in the complex analysis of data coming from different sources
  • To conduct technology monitoring enabling new features and new tools to be tested, to attend various international conferences (Flink Forward, Spark Summit, etc.).
  • To document your work
  • To use data responsibly and ethically

Highlights of the job

A place at the heart of the Group’s digital transformation
Internal communities of experts with whom to exchange ideas
Numerous training courses to ensure your development within the data community
Use of innovative technologies
Play video - Elise, Data Engineer at Societe Generale
Elise, Data Engineer at Societe Generale

You should be…

Skilled in IT development

Knowledgeable of Scala, Spark, Flink software, Python development

Used to database management

Effective with Agile development

5 years of higher education in IT, school of engineering or university

How to join us

To get to know each other and make sure you will be happy as part of Societe Generale, please follow the below steps.

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The job is yours, and you’re ready to start the adventure.

The adventure has just begun!

At Societe Generale, we make sure that you can develop your career based on your ambition and abilities. After a position as a Functional and Application Architect, you will have access to new opportunities such as:

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Designer
  • Database Administrator
  • Technical Architect

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