Prevent risks of non-compliance while managing alerts and incidents

Does your sense of right and wrong mean you never bend the rules? Do you know how to impose your viewpoint when there is the possibility of risk? Then join our dynamic and exciting team!
A Financial Security Analyst prevents risks of non-compliance related to money laundering, the financing of terrorism and embargos, international sanctions and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. Zero risk!

Your primary responsabilities

  • Analysing client records and transactions to ensure compliance with regulations and internal rules, advice and follow-up.
  • Managing alerts and incidents of certification, reports of suspicious activity and recommendations.
  • Raising awareness about financial security, working practices, adoption of the Group’s standards, etc...

Positive points of the job

Working directly with high-stakes regulatory issues
Managing alerts and incidents of certification, reports of suspicious activity and recommendations.
Salary (junior profile): between €38K and €42K
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Required skills


Knowledge of financial security regulations (LOD 1)

Risk-based approach

Fluent in English

Master’s degree with experience in compliance, or experienced candidate with knowledge of the banking sector.

How to join us

To get to know each other and make sure you will be happy as part of Societe Generale, please follow the below steps.


Get in touch

By responding to our job offers.


Tell us a little more about yourself

We’ll contact you for an initial exchange and online tests.


What if it’s a match?

You’ll meet our operational team and human resources partners.


Welcome !

The job is yours, and you’re ready to start the adventure.

The adventure has just begun!

Your double expertise — Compliance and knowledge of the banking sector — is a real asset for your future career. You will be considered for positions of responsibility within the Group.

  • Progression towards other Compliance-related positions
  • Auditor
  • Operational Risk Analyst
  • Risk Supervisor
  • Risk Controller


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