Contribute to the stability of the European banking system by monitoring and analysing regulatory indicators.

Are you motivated by complex issues and technical subjects? Do you enjoy teamwork? Then you’re a perfect fit to ensure the quality and the analysis of information transmitted to our regulators.
You will work internally with the bank’s various teams, for whom you will consolidate and analyse data. Externally, you will reply to requests from the French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority (ACPR), the Bank of France and the European Central Bank (ECB). Your responsibilities are to ensure that the bank carries out its regulatory obligations within the established deadlines.

Your primary responsibilities:

  • The creation of internal performance indicators and regulatory reports;
  • Data quality control, the creation of indicators, their analysis and return to the regulator or the appropriate teams at the bank;
  • Major projects such as the development of a Financial Risk and Liquidity Information System.

Positive points of the job

Acquiring highly sought-after regulatory expertise.
Training teams on the importance of data quality
Interacting with the bank’s various teams, senior management and regulators

Required skills

Excellent IT skills (Excel, pivot tables, VBA, etc.)

Ability to meet deadlines



Master’s degree in Finance/Financial Risk (or equivalent), ideally with some experience in a Finance Department.

How to join us

To get to know each other and make sure you will be happy as part of Societe Generale, please follow the below steps.


Get in touch

By responding to our job offers.


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We’ll contact you for an initial exchange and online tests.


What if it’s a match?

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The adventure has just begun

At Societe Generale, we make sure that everyone can develop their own career path depending on their goals and abilities. After a position as Regulatory Reporting Manager, new opportunities will be open to you:

  • Auditor
  • Management Controller
  • Consolidation Manager
  • Financial Controller


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