Support IT teams in their product development

Is devising and developing IT products what you like doing best? Are you equally at ease with lines of code as with talking to IT teams? Then the job of Technical Leader is made for you!

It enables you to express all your talents, as a technical expert and a leader. Along with IT teams, with whom
you share an enthusiasm for development, you will transform technology into value. An indispensable expert, you will contribute to the development of product technical design, and facilitate the search for solutions, for which you are responsible. And as you do not like doing things by halves, you will be involved all the way to the integration of the product into the IS. You are also the referent for Agile teams.

Your responsibilities

  • To contribute to the development of product technical design.
  • To coach IT teams and train new hires.
  • To work with the Technical Architect on the integration of products into the IS.
  • To guarantee product quality.
  • To ensure teams make progress.

Highlights of the job

A high degree of autonomy
A strategic position that is the link between agile teams and technical teams
A gateway to numerous positions
Dynamic IT communities, with which to exchange views
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My role as Tech Lead

You should be…

Passionate about languages (Springboot, Java 11, Python, Angular 8, React, Node, etc.)

Proficient in Agile development

A leader for your team

Having a global view of projects

Education in IT, development, school of engineering or university

How to join us

To get to know each other and make sure you will be happy as part of Societe Generale, please follow the below steps.

Get in touch

By responding to our job advertisement

Tell us a little more about yourself

We’ll contact you for an initial exchange and online tests

Is it a match?

You’ll meet our operational team and human resources partners.


The job is yours, and you’re ready to start the adventure.

Play video Daniel, Tech Lead at Societe Generale
Daniel, Tech Lead at Societe Generale

The adventure has just begun!

At Societe Generale, we make sure that you can develop your career based on your ambition and abilities. After a position as a Functional and Application Architect, you will have access to new opportunities such as:

  • Lead Architect
  • Agile Master
  • Agile Coach
  • Infrastructure Expert

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