How to answer "Why should we hire you?" during a job interview?


The question "Why Should We Hire You?" is one of the most asked questions in an interview. Asked in 90% of interviews, "Why Should We Hire You" is predictable and yet often perceived as tricky. And rightly so: to sell yourself is not so easy. You will need to be subtle in putting yourself forward... without overdoing it! You want to stand out during your interview? Let's see what the interviewers really want to know with this question and how to give it to them.

1. Why do Interviewers ask, "Why Should We Hire You?"

With this question, interviewers want to learn as much as possible about you during the short meeting that is an interview. "Why Should We Hire You?" has three objectives:
  • Test your self-confidence : a lack of self-confidence is detrimental both to the progression of projects and to the employee, as he/she has difficulties expressing his/her ideas or standing his/her ground. On the contrary, an excess of self-confidence can also impair teamwork. Besides, the interviewer will try to assess if an applicant overestimates his/her skills. This way the interviewer can balance the information presented on the resume;

  • Check your understanding of the position: : the interviewer wants to make sure you know his/her real needs and that you will know how to answer them
  • ;
  • Test your motivation to obtain this position.
Often asked at the end of the interview, this question should be an opportunity for you to give a good image to the interviewer. It is important that you think about your answer when preparing the job interview. By asking "Why Should We Hire You?", the interviewer is sending you the message that your profile is interesting. All that's left for you is to seduce the interviewer definitively. You have to validate his/her decision and show that you are indeed the right person for the position. So to hear "Why Should We Hire You?" is in fact good news!

2. 3 tips on how to answer, "Why Should We Hire You?"

1. Identify the company’s needs and draw links with your own experiences.

Read the job offer again and list all the search criteria. Put yourself in the hiring manager's place and think about the answers he/she would like to hear. You are not here to lie, but to think about the criteria that meet the company’s needs by capitalising on your skills and your past experiences.

2. Work on all your answers by adding "why".

After an answer, think about the reason why you are doing such a thing. If you can answer the "why" and the "how", the other applicants will be no match for you!

3. Be as concrete as possible.

Examples are the key to convincing argumentation.If you’re applying for a Sales Division position, detail your presentation with precise figures. If you’re applying for an international position, show that you are multilingual by mentioning the social experiences you spent abroad./p>

3. How NOT to answer "Why Should We Hire You?"

1.Answer without plan nor argument

Even if you ranked among your promotion's top 20, and that you say you are really motivated by the position,a generic answer will not be enough to convince the interviewer. What the interviewer wants to see is your social skills, how you communicate and fit in (soft skills.) Avoid answers that are too short and unprepared.

2.Show off

Even if you're the best, do not say "I'm the best." Be modest when you present your qualities.The last thing you want is for the interviewer to think you are a show off. "I think I'm one of the best at my position, in this sector..." demonstrates humility and will be better perceived. Remember: modest is best.

3.Say that you don’t know

Companies expect applicants to be aware of their worth. Applicants are sought for answering needs and concrete professional skills. Saying that you don’t know why you should be hired is awkward and not very promising./p>

4. 3 sample answers to “Why should we hire you?”

1.Highlight a rare skill

You lived abroad for a few years and are acquainted with the customs of a country the company wants to develop in? Mention it! "My experience in the ... company allowed me to live in China. As such, I would be able to give you insights on the relationship with your subsidiary in Asia."

2.Show your social skills

You might be as skilled as the other applicants, but your soft skills will make all the difference. You are committed to solidarity projects? You coach your town’s rugby team? "I've been a rugby coach for 5 years. I teach my players teamwork, solidarity, and a will to move towards a common goal. I can convey these values within the company and in the missions I am responsible for." This answer shows your energy and how you can swing into action on a task.

3.Be a politician, repeat the interviewer's question.

When the interviewer asks, "I have one last question for you: why should we hire you?", you can echo the question, "Why should you hire me?" and then go on with your answer. This little trick makes the conversation more natural, and will influence the interviewer positively towards you. "Why should you hire me?" is also one of the questions you can ask during an interview.

5. Key Takeaways

With the question, "Why should we hire you?" the interviewer wants to make sure you have the motivation, willand skills required for the position. No need to overdo it, but modesty also has its limits: you have assets that fit the offer, and you are here to prove to the interviewer that you will answer his/her needs. And if you're lacking confidence, remember that there's no such thing as a perfect application. However, only you can prove to the interviewer that your skills are the skills that best fit the offer.